Creality 3D 3DPrint Mill CR 30 CoreXY Printer

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Filament Defect 3D Print Mill Infinite Z Belt Silent Motherboard 3D Printer
Creality 3D Printer 3DPrintMill CR-30 CoreXY Filament Defect 3D Print Mill Infinite-Z Belt Silent Motherboard 3D Printer

Products Feature:

3DPrintMill is a feature of infinite-length and bulk printing, thereby time-saving in printing and cost-efficient. The special infinite-Z belt is the first Creality 3D printer to realize infinite build volume in the world.


Infinite-Z-axis for Endless Printing:Equipped with the rolling conveyor belt, it realize continuous

printing. No worries to print the infinite length model. High productivity, time-saving, and cost-efficient(Print dimension: 200*170*∞mm)*A removable extension bracket is available for installing to prevent the model from falling during printing.


Stable CoreXY Structure:The stable and sturdy CoreXY precision structure with isosceles right

triangle support gives you an extraordinary printing experience.


Nylon Conveyor Belt:Made of wear-resistant Nylon, the conveyor belt features excellent

adhesion to the model. The printed model can fall off automatically as

the belt rolls to the end, thus free your hand Strong adhesion| -free removal | Wear-resistant| Well-balanced conveyance*Easy to replace the conveyor belt.


Dual gears metal extrusion mechanism:High-quality dual gears metal extrusion, combined with the 45 degrees slanting nozzle realizing constant printing of >200 hours without Pressure.


Unique 45° Printing Angle:The unique 45 ° angle design offsets the limitations of the vertical

nozzle structure. Equipped with a high-performance nozzle kit, it achieves continuous printing along with the horizontal Z-axis.


Filament Breakage Detector:Whenever there is a possible accident like filament run-out or filament breakage, the smart sensor forces the machine to suspend printing. Printing will be automatically resumed after the new filament feed-in.Ultra-silent Motherboard/Fans to Cool Down Ensure/Resume Printing.


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