1:250 Scale Remote Control Battleship Warship

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Product List:

Rechargeable Warship * 1 Handheld controller * 1 7.2V 800 mAh battery*1 USB charging cable * 1

Product description:

1. LED amphibious assault warship model, twin engine, high speed remote controlled ship model 2. 2.4 GHz remote control, speed up to 6.8 km / h 3. Built-in battery (7.2 V, 800 mA) and USB charging cable . 4. Charging time: 200 minutes.Using time 25mins. 5. Controller battery: AA battery (not included. Use a regular AA carbon battery. Do not use a strong AA alkaline battery.) 6. Hull size: 22.4*4*7inch /57*10*18cm 7. 4WD: Built-in dual motor to support forward, backward, left and right turns. Children and big boys can play in lakes and large swimming pools or as a military model collection.


1.Boat parts are carefully crafted. This is both an interesting remote control toy and an exquisite piece of furniture. 2. Southampton class remote controlled destroyer, four channel remote control model, forward, backward, left and right turn. 3.The large hull, whether it's summer at the lake or a family party, the oversized hull is the focus of others. Exquisite simulation modeling, the details of each. 4.The ship's propeller is powerful and must be connected to the ship's power supply so that it can be placed on the surface of the water for turning. Contact with water is intended to better protect the child's safety. 5.The twin propeller in twin engine design offers the boat powerful performance.

Packaging & usage

1.The cruising speed of the remote-controlled warship is not very high. This is a military ship, not a competitive high speed boat. If you need an airship that moves very quickly in the water, you can search for "SOWOFA Speedboat". 2.For aircraft, artillery and other decorative accessories on the deck of a warship, the design of the two sides of the deck is not completely the same and the same. The weight of the two sides of the deck can be slightly different so the speed in the water is not completely straight and can easily balance the course . The factory made adjustments to improve as much as possible. If the user still feels that there is a deviation from the route, they can also increase the counterweight (counterweight decoration) themselves to improve the experience. Please note that this is not a quality issue and does not affect user use. If the user is very concerned, please do not buy. 3.We try to improve the packaging and transport conditions of the goods. Buyers shouldn't worry about minor shipping and packaging issues after shipping. Some of the planes and cannons on the deck of the warship were dropped / lost due to the bumpy transportation. The user can pick it up and put it back on with transparent superglue, which doesn't affect its use. If the part is missing, you can contact our company for a replacement. If the buyer is very concerned about minor shipping issues, please do not buy.

Maintenance and storage

This product has been designed for waterproofing. However, we still strongly recommend users to dry the remote control warship naturally after each use. There are several drainage holes on the deck of the hull. After each use, please make sure that the water in the drainage holes of the warship has been completely drained. If the warship is not completely drained, it may cause various problems such as failure of the internal parts of the ship due to moisture, or rusting of metal parts.