D13 Smart RC Bait Boat Dual Motor Fish Finder Ship Boat Remote Control 500m Fishing Boats Speedboat Fishing Tool

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Main Feature:

500 meters ultra-long intelligent remote control nesting ship
The ship add one key fixed speed cruise function to make the boat travel at a constant speed.
1.5 kg extra heavy load
Large capacity rechargeable battery,5200mAh lipo battery.3 hours long battery life
High-frequency wireless remote control, single-unit single frequency, no worry about signal interference
The motor is automatically turned off when the nest is opened to avoid disturbing the fish
High efficiency module, dual motor drive
Upgrade to improve 3 propellersn,Inward speed, more powerful
Waterproof grass double motor design,with the waterproof cover
wind resistance and endurance
Double night light design, lighter and brighter, and remote control to turn the light on or off remotely
Great value, low noise, high performance with affordable price
Fully enclosed hull, multi-layer closed structure to prevent hull leakage
The boat can Automatic correction of routes if it is correct
Upgrade one-hand remote control, fishing and nesting is more convenient
Led light can fish in the night and Attracting fish

Package List:

RC Boat*1;
Remote contorl*1;
5200Mah Recharge Battery for boat*1 ;