BSIDE Digital Clamp MultiMeter T RMS 1mA High Precision

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Main Feature:


● Ultra-portable tools for advance electricians. The DC AC current can be tested quickly, accurately and safely without damaging the insulation on the line surface.


● The ACM81/92/91 series of clamp meters haveTrue-RMScharacteristics and1 mA Resolution.Has Dual impedance test voltage. Can effectively meet the needs of professionals.


● The BSIDE series of clamp meters is equipped with different test functions. Two colors (Blue and Black). Meet the needs of different customers at a more affordable price.


● Maximum display: 6000Counts. Compared with similar products,The ACM92/91 still has 1mA accuracy for a larger measurement range (0~6A).


● The Automatic-Range operation mode can effectively avoid burning the table, and the operation is safer and faster!


Order notice:


● ACM81 product only support testing AC current.


● The ACM91 and ACM92 product supports testing of DC AC current.




ACM81/82/91 parameter comparison:




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Product Advantages:


More Choices:


●The BSIDE ACM series of clamp meters is equipped with different test functions. Two colors (Blue and Black).Meet the needs of different customers at a more affordable price.


More Accurate:


●BSIDE ACM series products have True-RMS characteristics (1mA resolution).Can effectivelymeet the needs of professionals.

Maximum display: 6000Counts.Compared with similar products,The ACM92/91 still has 1mA accuracyfor a larger measurement range(0~6A).

●The ACM92/91 clamp meter has a “Zero Clear Function” (ZERO).  Used before the DC current test, Caneffectively reduce the test error.

●Dual impedance test voltage (Conventional voltage test and Low Impedance voltage test), It can meetthe voltage test requirements of professionals.


More Test Features:


●This series of products has DC/AC Voltage, AC Current, DC Current,Temperature, Frequency, Clamp on frequency function, Capacitance,DC microampere (minumum 0.1μA by terminals), Resistance, Diode, Continuity,Low Impedance Voltage,LIVE wire check, V-Alert( NCV ) test function, with such a small size it meets the rules of the state has made the most perfectfunctions.


More Application Scenarios:


●This product has excellent LoZ  low-impedance test function and DC microampere detection function, which is very suitable for the maintenance industry.


Optimize the efficiency of the test:


● Support one-handed switching of all test functions(complete in 1.5 seconds), making operation more convenient and quick.

● LIVE wire check function and V ~ alert function conveniently quickly identify mains connection status.

● Can display voltage or current and frequency at the same time.Quick and easy to complete testing.


Optimize product usage and test experience:


● There are two colors, Blue and Black. There is always one that you like.

● Streamlined design for more comfortable operation.

● LCD display(1.72 inches) with backlight for clear reading.

●  Has Data hold, Low battery indication functions, Auto power off features, Added back hooks.

● Jaw opening size 20 mm.

●  The body size of the product is -17.5CM*5.5CM*3.5CM, which is more convenient to use and carry.



Package Includes:

●1 x Digital Clamp Meter ●1 x Test Leads


●1 x Thermocouple ●1 x User Manual


●1 x Carrying Case ●1 x Gift (Screwdrive)


Recommended : Tool kit.


ACM91 DC / AC current clamp meter + X1 3-IN-1 Voltage detector multimeter + T1101 crocodile head test clip.