Night Vision Scopes Hunting Optics 850nm Infrared LED

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IR Infrared Camera Waterproof Night Vision Device |

The battery is: 18650, 4200 mAh/5000mAh, 3.7V, the mAh number must be: 4200 mAh/5000mAh, otherwise the product screen will appear unusable




Display size 5 inch
Resolution 800*480
Scanning frequency 60Hz
Minimum illumination 0.0001 LUX/F1.2
Signal to noise ratio >46dB
Operating temperature -20℃-50℃
Adapter battery 18650 Lithium battery
Infrared light 850mm
Infrared lamp power 3W
Maximum clamping range 45mm
Commissioning of the Machine:
1.Secure the display and IR light on the optical sight with the pipe clamp.
2.Loosen the plastic screws (totally five), and centrally fix the connecting tube in the rear of the eyepiece of the optical sight.
3.Turn on the machine and rotate the lens of the machine (inside the tube) to adjust the focus, and adjust the cross line of optical sight to be clear.
4.Adjust the position of the connecting tube, and tighten the screws till the cross line in the center of the display. And the commissioning of the machine is complete till now.
5.In the future application, if the image is blurred caused by the different distances of the objects, the image clarity shall be adjusted by side focus roller (and the parallax adjustment roller) attached with the optical sight. Do not move the machine lens, otherwise the cross line will be blurry.