EASYGUARD Car security alarm system

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Dear Customer,

This is an EASYGUARD ec003-ns intelligent PKE (passive keyless entry) car alarm with remote engine start push button start function.


If your car is a diesel one with engine starting/cranking time over 3 seconds, you can turn on ON dashboard first to pre-warm the spark plug then start the car or add an extra timer delay switch.


If there is steering lock in your car, you need to release the steering lock first before installing this item. (There is an instruction about releasing the steering lock in the manual.)



This item is compatible with most DC12V cars on the market, include automatic transmission or manual transmission cars, which is required to be installed by a professional car alarm installer, Please check if you can find one or not before purchasing! Wiring diagram is available for reviewing upon request.



car alarm 1car alarm 2

Main feature:

1. Arm/lock

2. Disarm/unlock

3. Panic code/Car finding

4. Push button start/stop

5. PKE-Passive keyless entry

6. Remote engine start/stop

7. Remote trunk release (optional, extra trunk release module may require)


8. PKE on/off

9. Illegal door opening/ACC triggered

10. Central door locking automation

11. Valet mode/Car washing mode

12. Emergency override

13. 15 minutes automatically engine cut off once the car is remote started if user does not step on foot brake pedal.

14. Reset switch function & programming method

15. Keep pressing the button to start/stop the car

16. Window rolls up automatically (optional, extra window closer module may require)


17.Shock sensor warning

car alarm

Packing information

Brain x 1

Siren x 1

Shock sensor x 1

Remote control x 2

Push button x 1

PKE antenna x 2

Wire harness x 1

6P ignition harness x 1

English user manual and installation guide x 1


car alarm 3car alarm 4

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