COOLCOLD Cooler Air Extracting Exhaust Cooling Fan for Laptop Speed Adjustable for 15 15.6 17 Inches

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Cool Cold 5V USB Mini Vacuum Laptop CPU Cooler Silent Air Extracting Exhaust Cooling Fan for Notebook
- Extremely mini compact; after added with a silencer tube, silent experience; double ball high power cooling fans, fast cooling; with cool ice blue light;
- Manual mode: In manual mode, the fan speed can be controlled manually by the manual adjustment knob;
- High-speed motor: It adopts double-ball high-power cooling fan, which can operate effectively with high power for a long time. It will not affect the life of turbofan due to incoming dust. It has the advantages of quiet, high speed operation and large wind; the measured drop temperature can be 20-30℃;
- Anti-skid device: strong anti-skid coefficient on both sides, firm and simple;
- New look: use a variety of game carving elements. With a cool concept, tailor-made, beautiful carvings;
- User-friendly product design: each is equipped with 4 kinds of air guiding sleeves to cope with any notebook air outlet. The air guiding sleeves can be compatible with notebook computers with different heat dissipation ports on the market;
- Submarine class sealing device: precision manufacturing, low carbon and environmental protection, high density materials;
- High-gloss mirror treatment process: the product texture is upgraded again, the visual effect is more impressive;

Brand: Cool Cold
Product model: Bingmo 3
Colour: Black
Product type: mini 5V multi-color network version
Product size: 110*76*38mm/4.33*2.99*1.50"
Fan size: 60*25mm/2.36*0.98"
Product net weight: 163g
Product gross weight: 200g
Fan speed: 2000-4100±10% RPM
Rated voltage: 5V
Rated current: 0.4±10%A
Input power: 2W
1 x Laptop CPU Cooler