Metal Detector LCD Display Waterproof Treasure Finder Pinpoint Metal Searching Kit

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Metal Detector

The metal detector is equipped a waterproof search coil and LCD display with 10 adjustable brightness.
The metal finder features three different tones of sound for different types of metal.
The metal finder is IP68 waterproof, allowing to work underwater.
8 sensitivities are able to be selected to meet different searching environment.
This metal detector is a perfect gift for kids. With adjustable length from 31.5 to 42.5 inches and lightweight design, the detector is friendly for kids.

Material: ABS.
Size (Length): 31.5 - 42.5 inches. (adjustable).
Color: show as picture.

Situations Below May Occur:
The target cannot be detected.
Solution: Try to adjust the sensitivity, slow down the moving, keep the search coil on balance.
The detector keeps making a sound.
Solution: Try to low down the sensitivity, leave off the area with electronic interference and magnetic force.

Package included:
1 * Control Box
1 * Handle
1 * Upper Stem
1 * Lower Stem
1 * Cable
1 * Search Coil
1 * Lock Nut
1 * Screw Nut
1 * User Manual.