TS20B Underground Metal Detector Waterproof Adjustable Length

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 TS20B Underground Metal Detector Waterproof Portable Adjustable Length all metal detector for Gold Hunter Toy Beach Searching


This package  does not include batteries.

This package does not include headphones

It is a great tool for kids to explorer the wild world.

Kids would have fun in searching the coins, rings and other metal objects on the beach, yard, park, lawn.


This metal detector can be used to detect metallic objects buried underground.You can use it to detect or seek coin,key and other metallic objects.It features relatively small size and light weight.It is to carry and operate and is a useful detector.

Battery: 9V battery,6F22 or equivalent,1 piece
Operating Temperature:0℃~45℃
Storage Temperature: -10℃~50℃
IP Degree: IP20
Operating Altitude:0~2000m
Length:About 102cm(adjustable)
Search Coil Diameter: 15.4cm
Depth:2 inches or 5 cm deep for coin-sized objects, larger objects up to 6 inches or 15cm

Package List:

1×Metal detector

1×LED Torch

1×User Manual