114 1000mm Professional Astronomical Refractor Telescope Eyepiece With Tripod

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114-1000mm Professional Astronomical Refractor Telescope Eyepiece With Tripod



The Newtonian telescope, also known as the reflecting telescope, was born in 1668. There are other structures of telescopes on the market. Which is good and which to choose is what many people ask before they buy. Here we can tell you responsibly that at the same price, the main lens of the reflective telescope has large aperture, small color difference, high cost performance, simple operation and comprehensive functions.


This 114-1000 EQ Telescope with 114 mm large tube and 1000 mm focal length. It provides you super clear images from the sky at night. You can see outstanding detail when viewing the moon, and it is not only great for planetary work but can detect details in faint distant galaxies,so it is the best choice for deep space observations.




Model: F1000114EQ

Telescopic aluminum tripod equatorial

Diameter: 114mm (4.5′′)

Focal length: 1000mm

Max. Magnification: 60-100X

Finder Scope: 6×30

Height: 29.5"-65" (75-165cm)

Gross weight: about 12 kg

Packing size: 790*390*275mm

The caliber is the most important indicator for selecting a telescope, and the caliber is proportional to the clarity and price.


Selling Points



⊙ The maximum magnification of this model: 500 times (objective lens focal length / eyepiece focal length * several times Barov multiple = maximum magnification)

Aluminum mirror tube, light weight and strong, anti - oxidation surface protective film

The equator instrument can overcome the influence of earth's rotation on stargazing and the positioning theodolite can track more accurately

Finderscope helps you find your target faster, simple, practical and accurate

Solid stainless steel tripod with thick locking rotation makes the expansion point of the tripod more stable

Accessory disc can be used to place parts and accessories, mobile phone books and other sundries



Packaging details:

1 x 114mm Refracting Telescope

1 x Eyepiece group

1 x Accessory tray

1 x Finder scope

1 x Equatorial Tripod

1 x User Manual