Universal Car Keyless Entry System Burglar Alarm

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This is EASYGUARD 2 way car alarm system EC204 with PKE-passive keyless entry, rechargeable LCD pager display and shock sensor warning. The item fits for 95% DC12V petrol vehicles on the market.


Main feature:

  1. Manual arm/disarm

  2. PKE-passive keyless entry:Automatically lock car doors when you walk away your car in 2 meters. Automatically unlock car doors when you approach your car in 2 meters.

  3. Remote trunk release(Extra trunk release solenoid kit may be required.)

  4. Mute alarm

  5. Shock sensor warning

  6. Remote trigger status

  7. Window rolls up automatically (optional, additional window closer module is required,4 door window closer)

  8. Keyboard locking to save power on the key fob

  9. Central door locking automation

  10. Re-arming

  11. Siren pause

  12. Panic/car finding

  13. Two stage shock

  14. Shock record

  15. Electric lock or pneumatic lock optional (default is electric lock)

  16. Emergency release

  17. Valet mode

  18. Temporary turn off PKE function

  19. Power saving mode

Main features:

2 way car alarm with rechargeable LCD key fob

PKE-passive keyless entry

shock alarm warning

remote trunk release

PKE-passive keyless entry

Automatically unlock car door when approach the car in 1-2 meters with key fob.

Automatically lock car door when walk away from the car in 2-3 meters with key fob.



1)Our price does not include import tax & VAT and customers need to pay for it if there is any. Thank you for understanding.

2)English user manual and wire diagram are included in this item.

3)We do not provide installation service and sincerely recommend you to install it by a professional car alarm installer if possible. Please check if you can find one before purchasing. User manual and wiring diagram are available upon request.

Once you receive the device, please remember to recharge the key fob for around 2 hours if the key fob battery is low.


About remote working distance:

Remote control working distance is around 500 meters in wild space, but it may be shorter in actual use, similar alarms interference etc. Please note.


Please kindly note that this item ec204 doesn't have push button start/stop function, if you want to add this function, you can add a push button kit(remote engine start available), here are some you may take a consideration:




Packing information

Control module x1

Remote control x 2

Alarm antenna x1

PKE antenna x 1 pair

Main wire harness x 1

LED indicator x1

USB charge wire x1

Shock sensor x 1

Siren x 1

Relay x 1

Reset switch x1

English user manual and wiring diagram x 1

key fob dimension

key fob button function

key fob

control module dimension



Voltage: DC12V

Frequency: 433.92Mhz

Current: <20mA

Alarm horn level: 85-125dB