4K 10 300X40MM Super Telephoto Zoom Monocular Telescope

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1、Tripod Design: Anti-shake system, special tripod 3D gyroscope, very stable during multiple zooms.
2、Clearer Scenes: BAK4 prism lens, 30 times closer and large field of view, clearer and more colorful scenes. Excellent light transmittance and brightness, brighter and clearer images.
3、Night Vision Function: Built-in night vision function, you can see when there is light at night. Turn on the auto focus and blur the background, you can focus on people or objects need to be observed.
4、Moisture-proof and Waterproof: The Nitrogen-filled waterproof and O-ring optical components can prevent moisture, dust and debris, and ensure service life. The bracket better fits your phone, allowing you to take beautiful photos and adapt to harsh environments.
5、Suitable Group: Suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts and wilderness explorers, an essential equipment for bird watching, wildlife, hunting, hiking, mountain climbing, camping and travel.
1.Tripod Design: Anti-shake system, special tripod 3D gyroscope, very stable during multiple zooms.
2.Clearer Scenes: BAK4 prism lens, 30 times closer and large field of view, clearer and more colorful scenes. Excellent light transmittance and brightness, brighter and clearer images.
3.Night Vision Function: Built-in night vision function, you can see when there is light at night. Turn on the auto focus and blur the background, you can focus on people or objects need to be observed.
4.Moisture-proof and Waterproof: The Nitrogen-filled waterproof and O-ring optical components can prevent moisture, dust and debris, and ensure service life. The bracket better fits your phone, allowing you to take beautiful photos and adapt to harsh environments.
5.Suitable Group: Suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts and wilderness explorers, an essential equipment for bird watching, wildlife, hunting, hiking, mountain climbing, camping and travel.

Specification :
Model: 10-300x40
Effective diameter of objective lens: about 30mm/1.3in
Magnification: 7-17 times (corresponding to adjustment level 10X100)
Eyepiece diameter: about 22mm/8.27in
Exit pupil diameter: 4.2-1.7mm
Exit pupil distance: 14-12mm
Actual field of view: 230-110FT 1000YDS
Actual field of view: 4.4-2.1 degrees
The shortest focusing distance: 2.5m
Size: about 173/128x43mm (stretching and shrinking)
Weight: about 300g
Prism: BAK4 prism
Coating: FMC
Colour: black
Eye mask: rotating eye mask
Waterproof: yes
Tripod can be connected: yes
Whether to connect the mobile phone: yes
Used for: racing, beach, bird watching, boating/yachting, horse racing, outdoor activities, sports, drama, travel
Material: optical glass
Type: monocular

Packing List:
1 x 10-300X40MM Monocular Telescope
1 x 10-300X40MM Monocular Telescope
1 x Tripod
1x Photo Clip