70mm 300mm Astronomical Telescope with Tripod

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Monocular Professional Outdoor Travel Spotting Scope 



Item Name: Astronomical telescope
Focal Length: 300mm
Barlow Lens: 1.5X and 3X
Eyepiece: H20 mm (15X) and H6 mm (50X) eyepiece
Total Magnification: 15X-150X
Objective Diameter: 70mm
Suit for: children, students (above age 8)

1. Perfect telescope for kids with tripod,portable to move and easy to use.
2. Telescopes for astronomy beginners with tripod make the observation more steady,which provides a good environment to learning the nature and the universe.
3. View all the details of the craters on the moon with the H20mm eyepiece and moon mirror,use the H6mm eyepiece to viewing the terrestial objects on land.
4. Powerful telescope for sky and land exploration,perfect gifts for your kids and astronomy beginners

How to assemble the telescope?
(1)Gently pull the aluminum tripod legs apart as far as they will go until the center leg braces sit flat in a horizontal position.
(2)The telescope tube has a mounting tab on its underside,Place this tab into the slot on top of the tripod.
(3)Tighten the knurled knob on the tripod head to hold the tube tightly to ht tripod.
(4)Screw the aiming control arm in to the threaded socket at the rear of the mount
(5)Insert the diagonal mirror into the end of the telescope tube
(6)Insert the 20mm eyepiece(20mm is marked on the eyepiece) in to the diagonal mirror
(7)Remove the dust cap from the large end of the telescope
(8)Your telescope is now ready for use.

Package Included:
1x Telescope tube
1x 1.5X erecting eyepiece
1x 3X barlow len
1x Finder scope
1x Tripod
1x H20mm eyepiece
1x H6mm eyepiece
1x Moon filter
1x Diagonal len
1x Phone Holder