70mm Portable Astronomical Telescope with Tripod

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Telescope for Kids Beginners, 70mm Portable Astronomical Telescope with Tripod, Mobile Phone Holder and Backpack, The Best Gift for Children to Inspire Their Curiosity and Thirst for Knowledge


【Quality Optics, High Definition】This astronomical telescope features 300mm focal length and large 70mm aperture. Multi-layer high light transmittance coated lenses make the objects seen brighter and clearer.

【Entry Level, Simple Operation】The product comes with a precise positioning star finder, which can help you quickly locate the stars for easy observation. You can also place your phone on the attached phone holder for observation and taking pictures.

【Multiple Magnification, Widely Application】This refracting telescope has a H20mm eyepiece (15 times magnification); a H6mm eyepiece (50 times magnification). It also has a 5X24 positioning star finder.It can be used to watch the night sky during the day and night, and enjoy the distant scenery.

【Traveling and Viewing, Easy to Carry】The product comes with a portable backpack, you can put the telescope set into it and take it for travel. The total weight is only about 2.5 kg. You can enjoy the city night view and natural scenery during the journey.

【Gift of Meaning,Children's Favorite】 For children and astronomy enthusiasts, this telescope is the best birthday gift and Christmas gift. It’s the gift of meaning which can stimulate children's desire for knowledge and cultivate their interest in astronomy.


The tripod is made of aluminum alloy, which is light and durable, and the non-slip foot pad at the bottom is suitable for various terrains.

The focus wheel is used to adjust the focal length, and the adjustment lever is used to adjust the angle of the telescope.

Observing the sun requires the use of Bard film to avoid stabbing the eyes.

When observing the moon, you need to use the moon filter, which can reduce the reflection of light and see more clearly.



Item Package Dimensions: 49*17*24 cm

Package Weight:2.4 Kilograms

Max Focal Length:300mm

Objective Lens Diameter:70mm

Maximum magnification: 150(Objective lens focal length/eyepiece focal length * Barov's multiple = maximum magnification)



Package include:

1x Telescope Tube

1x Travel Backpack

1x Aluminum Alloy Tripod

1x 5*24 Finder Scope with Mounting Bracket

2*Expanding lens

1*Zenith Mirror

1*Adjustment lever


1*Wipe cloth

1x H6mm Eyepieces

1x H20mm Eyepieces

1x Phone Holder

1* Bard film

1x User Manual