iPhone xiaomi Samsung Bluetooth 5.0 r

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Earpiece Handsfree Headphones Mini Wireless Earphone Earbud Earpiece


1.Caller ID Report: Speak the phone number of the incoming caller, pause music for incoming calls. 2.Noise Canceling Technology: Triple Microphone technology suppresses background and wind noise in the crowd. 3.Sweat protection technology: protects this bluetooth headset from sweat and coffee spills so you can wear the headset in the office or in the gym. 4.270 ° adjustable ear design allows you to adjust the angle for the right or left ear. 5.You can also move the boom microphone up and down, which makes it very easy for people to tell if you are on a phone call or not. 6.The increased battery capacity provides the longest time of use (when fully charged), it displays the battery counter on your smartphone, reminding you of fast charging next time: 7.Standby time: 70days 8.Talk time: A/B/C : 9+hours A+/B+/C+ : 20+hours 9.Music Play Time: A/B/C : 8+hours A+/B+/C+ : 18+hours 10.Charging time: <2 hours 11:Bluetooth Name: A/B/C : V9 A+/B+/C+ : V10P

Packing list:

Same as the picture, A/A+ does not have a retail box or earphone bag, and is packaged in an opp bag