F60700 525x High Magnification Astronomical Refractive Telescope

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3Pcs Eyepieces And Tripod Space Observation Scope 

Package Included:
1 x 525X Astronomical Telescope
1 x (1.5X) Positive Lens
1 x (3X) Positive Lens
1 x Zenital
1 x Finderscope
3 x Eyepieces(20mm/12.5mm/4mm)
1 x Tripod
1 x Tray
1 x U Shape Base
1 x Lens Hood
1 x Adjustment Rod

-Aluminum material,Light and Portable
-Tripod for height adjustment,quick and easy to set up, telescope easily removed for hand held use.
-Glass optical components with high transmission coatings for enhanced image brightness and clarity.
-It is helpful when at sporting events, under the night sky
-A perfect present for kids as a great way to open up the wonders of the universe to the aspiring astronomer.

Material: Aluminium alloy + Optical glass
Model: F60700
Focal length:700mm
Lens diameter: 60mm
Optical system:Reflection
Accuracy:2.31 second of arc
for Horizon:1.2 degree
Finderscope5*24 Optical Magnification
Focusing mode: Double wheel adjustment shaft
Tripod Max. height: Approx.1130mm
Dimension: Approx. 1130*74mm

Note: It is dangerous to look at the sun directly,or it will hurt your eyes permanently