Flyhal X03 Pro RC Cars 62km/h 40+ MPH 2.4G 4WD Off Road Remote Control Vehicle/ Two Batteries

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Flyhal X03 Pro RC Cars 62km/h 40+ MPH 2.4G 1/10 Brush Motor 4WD Off-Road Remote Control Vehicle 

Product Description

Car Size: 38*27.5*16.5cm

Car Weight: 1250g

Maximum Speed: 62km

Remote Control Distance: 80M

Charging Time: 2.5 hours

Usage Time: 20 minutes (1 battery) 40 minutes (2 batteries)

Car Battery: 7.4V 1600MA Li-ion

Remote Control Battery: "AA" × 3 (not included)


Package included:

1 x Flyhal X03 Pro RC Cars

1 x Remote control

1 x Replaceable car shell

2 x 7.4V 1600MA Li-ion Battery

1 x battery charger

1 x Battery fixing strap

4 x Car shell fixing screws

1 x Manual

【Full Proportional Throttle, Maximum Speed 62km/h】Full proportionality and proportional steering provides precise steering and cruise control, without fixed speed limit. So you can better grasp the driving speed and steering. To accelerate the remote control car , just press the accelerator gently. X03 RC Car’s maximum speed can reach 62km/h.

【Move back and forth freely in various terrains】Equipped with a soft, shockproof rubber wheels, the FKYHAL remote control car can maintain the balance of the body and prevent the vehicle from overturning when driving at high speed or receiving strong impact. It allows you to drive smoothly in various terrains like sand, mud, stone or rugged mountain roads.

【More fun with two replaceable Looks】The 1:10 scale 4WD RC cars provide two custom-made high-toughness PVC explosion-proof car shells with a PA nylon body which make our remote car light but strong enough and drop-resistant. You can own an off-road vehicle car and a racing car at the same time. Choose one depending on your mood.

【High-quality USB rechargeable batteries】Equipped with dual 7.4V/1000mAh high-quality rechargeable batteries at the same time and a USB charger, the FLYHAL high speed remote control cars for boys and adults will run for 40 minutes (about 20 minutes per battery). Enjoy more fun with longer driving time.

【Excellent remote control experiences】The remote control car has a synchronous remote control system which runs with a 2.4GHz frequency. It means it can offer a stable signal and perform full proportional throttle and steering. Full-size throttle and steering allow you to easily grasp driving.



Durable Anti-Slip Rubber Tires

The soft, shockproof rubber wheels are extremely robust and can allow the car to drive smoothly on any terrains. The specially designed tire pattern makes the rc truck have better abrasion resistance and maintain better grip when racing. In order to provide better cushioning capacity, we also increased the thickness of the tire. Now, it can withstand most landings without damaging the chassis.




Strong Shock Resistance

The powerful shock absorbers contribute to swiftly absorb the vibration generated by the bump, so that the remote control car can run smoothly even on rugged roads, which can greatly improve the stability of the body.





The bumper can slow down the impact and prevent the remote control car from damaging the body after hitting an object.




How to Remove the Rear Wing

When changing the X03 Pro from off-road vehicle to racing car, the rear wing must be installed. As shown in the picture, first install the rear wing on the rear of the car, and then screw in the screws.

When installing the off-road vehicle shell, please unscrew the screws and rear wing, otherwise the off-road vehicle shell will not be installed.




Doubled Racing Fun without Interruption

X03 PRO is powered by a well-designed battery pack. Each battery only needs to be charged for 2.5 hours and can last for 20 minutes. Equipping the remote control car with two batteries at the same time, you can play for 40 minutes without interruption.

By the way, there are two charging cables in the package, you can charge two batteries at the same time, that is means, you can play for 40 minutes with only 2.5 hours of charging. How convenient and useful!



Two Replaceable Car Shells

There are two replaceable car shells in the package (one of them has been installed on the car). You can choose whether your remote control car becomes an off-road vehicle or a racing car according to your mood. By the way, remember to install the rear wing when installing the racing car shell.