Wireless Door /Window Home Alarm Sensor

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Motion Sensing Alarm Remote Control Infrared Wireless Door Window Home Alarm Wireless Motion Alarm Sensor Remote Control Alarm


The 1.105° scanning range ensures a large area coverage. It can be used for doorways, shacks, caravans, garages.
2. There is no wire due to battery operation. Just an adjustable wall mount included.
3. This action senses an alert to alert any intruder.
4. Place the alarm wherever you need it, on a wall with an adjustable stand, or on a shelf or table. (not completely weatherproof).
5. The alarm has two key ring remotes that can be armed and disarmed at the push of a button.
Alarm level: 120DB
Remote control distance: about 5-12 meters/16.4-39.37ft. (open area)
Detection range: 110 degrees
Detection distance: 5-10 meters or so
Working voltage: DC6V (4 batteries can be equipped with 4 batteries). Voltage adapter is also available.
● When the remote control distance is shortened, please replace the battery.
● When installing the battery inside the detector, check the battery periodically for leaks.
● It is recommended that you check regularly whether the infrared alarm is working properly to avoid leakage alarm.
● The detector should be protected from rain, wind, and sunlight. Indoors should avoid heat sources such as air conditioners and stoves to avoid false alarms.
● When the power-on indicator is dark, the alarm sound is small, and the false alarm rate of the infrared alarm is high when the power is turned on, the battery voltage is generally insufficient. In this case, the battery should be replaced in time.
1*Motion Sensing Alarm
1*wall mount

2*keychain remote controls