Moutec Telescope, 114mm 500mm Focal Length

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Product Description

Moutec Telescope, Polaris 114EQ Newtonian Professional Astronomical Reflector Telescope

The Moutec 114EQ NewtonianTelescope for adults or kids to be used together is a powerful and user-friendly reflector telescope built with a lightweight frame and fully-coated 114mm glass optics objective lens. It also features an professional German Equatorial manual mount that includes two easy-to-manipulate slow-motion control knobs that permit precision adjustments for viewing terrestrial and celestial objects in exceptional quality.

The quality and all-glass optics eyepieces deliver crisp views of Craters on the Moon, the rings around Saturn, and Cloud Bands and Moons of Jupter, or explore beyond our Solar System—Some Brighter Nebulae, Andromeda Galaxy, and more.

Package Included

1x Reflector Telescope Tube

2x Eyepieces ( PL10, PL25)

1x Barlow Lens( 3x )

1x Finder Scope

1x Adjustable Tripod

1x Equatorial Mount

1x Smartphone Adapter

1x Moon Filter

1x Pack of Accessories

1x User Manual

Enjoy The Process of Manual Slow Motion Tracking

Moutec beginner telescopes are designed with high-quality materials that provide crystal-clear and bright images of Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon, along with galaxies and nebulae. You can also use this telescope for viewing land-based objects during daytime hours. The telescope is quick to set up and requires no tools. The kit includes a rugged, pre-assembled tripod with 1.25-inch steel tube legs, which provide a stable platform for hours of safe use.

  • Type: Reflector Mirror Telescope

  • Aperture: 114mm

  • Focal length: 500mm

  • Standard Eyeoieces: PL10mm, PL25mm

  • Magnification: 20X-150X

  • Mount: EQ2

  • Star Scope: 6x30


114mm Large Aperture

This astronomical reflector telescope features a 114mm primary mirror with high-reflectivity coatings, which allows more than 90% light to transmission, delivers sharp and bright images, ideal for astronomical viewing.

6x30 Star Finderscope

The finderscope has a 6x magnification and 30mm lens, providing a wide field of view to make locating objects easier. Simply align the object in the center with the crosshairs, it will be precisely located.

Smartphone Adapter

This Phone Adapter allows you to connect your phone with the telescope easily, you can take photos or videos of the moon, Saturn rings, etc, and share exciting astronomy moments with your friends in real-time.


Manual German Equatorial Mount

As Earth rotates, celestial objects appear to drift across the night sky. The EQ mount helps you track objects smoothly by adjusting the rod to the desired position, then easily secure by tightening the cross knob. It’s easy to keep your target centered in the eyepiece.

Moon Filter

The 1.25" Moon filter with high transmission, reduces glare so you can see more lunar detail and surface features with your telescope. It will not alter the natural color of the Moon, also help us relax our eyes, protect us from glare, and help us see things more clearly.

Powerful Eyepiece

The PL eyepiece has a wide and bright field of view, which is very suitable for observing the moon and planets, or shooting wild animals at a distance to obtain a detailed view. A 3X Barlow lens increase the magnification three times,which can make the magnification up to 150X.


This portable beginner telescope kit is ideal for kids and adults to use together, it is a great astronomy gift for family and beginners interested in science. With 114EQ telescope, you can enjoy the process of manual tracking of the moon and stars, share the excitement pictures when observing the celestial, gain knowledge of the universe.

Warm tips:

1. The image seen by the reflecting telescope is inverted from left to right.

2. It's not true that the bigger the magnification, the better. Because you need to consider the magnification and brightness. The bigger magnification will make images to become blurred. The max magnification of this telescope (with 3X Barlow Lens) is 150X, and 150X is enough for most scopes and sky conditions.