NOVA3D Water Washable Resin

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3D Printer UV Resin 405nm LCD 3d Printer Photopolymer Resin High Qaulity 


Water washable resin use attention :

1.Please don’t use water curing method to cure your prints. 2.You should do the secondary curing within 2 hours after printing. 3.You should dry the model both inside and outside before the secondary curing,or your prints might be broken and powdered. 4.It’s normal to find the prints are ductile, thus a secondary curing is necessary 5.Avoid directly skin contact, please seek medical care if allergic creation happens! 6.Shake well before use. Do not take orally and keep away from children.

Parameters recommend : (for LCD color screen)

Bottom Exposure : 30s Normal Exposure : 6.5s-7s Layer : 3 Support DIA : ≥0.3mm

Parameters recommend : (for monochrome screen)

Bottom Exposure : 10s-15s Normal Exposure : 1.5s-1.8s Layer : 3 Support DIA : ≥0.3mm