Wildgameplus WG535 Camouflage Hunting Night Vision

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  5X35 Infrared Digital Camo Monocular Telescope

  5X35 Infrared Digital Camo Monocular TelescopeWildgameplus WG535 Camouflage Hunting Night Vision 5X35 Infrared Digital Camo Monocular Telescope Hunting Cameras



1)The night vision monocular can be used in complete darkness or low light situation. The viewing distance in low light:Infinity The viewing distance in full dark:200m 2)The product can be used during the day or at night. 3)Built-in adjustable Infrared illuminator. 4)Take photos and record 10min videos. 5)Quick to setup and easy operation. 6)Achieve 5X optical zoom and 8X digital zoom. 7)Playback on device,monitor or PC. 8)The objective lens shelter make you have a better visual effect when the light is too strong. 9)It is the perfect optical device to enhance human's visual senses. 10)Fit for occassions:Surveillance / Outdoor / Hunting / Boating


1)Optical Magnification:5X 2)Digital Magnification:8X 3)Dimension of Objectives:φ35mm 4)FOV:7°x5.25° 5)Ocular Adjustable Range:±0.5 6)Observing Distance in Low Light:2m~Infinity 7)Observing Distance in Full Dark:2m~200m 8)Sensor:Low Illumination HD 1 / 3 COMS 9)Pixel:130W 10)Photo:1280×1024 11)Video:720P 12)Display Screen:1.54inch 13)Operating Voltage:3.7V DC 14)Replaceable Battery:Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 16340mAh 15)Charging Source: 5.0V / 700mA Adapter 16)Size:178x72x78mm 17)Weight:300g

Configuration Standard:

1)Objective Lens Shelter 2)External Power Adapter 3)USB Cable 4)WG535 Monocular 5)Pouch 6)Shoulder Strip 7)Hand Grip Strip 8)16340 Model lithium-ion Battery 9)Cloths